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What are triadic colors?

Triadic colors are three colors spaced evenly around the color wheel. This forms a triangle. Artists use the wheel as a color reference. Using only three colors and limiting your palette is a good recipe for great color. A triadic color scheme can make your art more vibrant and saturated.

What are complementary colors?

A pair of colors that are opposite each other on the traditional color wheel. When complementary colors are juxtaposed, a mutual enhancement of color intensity occurs. For example, red and green are more intense when they are together than when they are surrounded by harmonious tones.

What are analogous colors?

Analogous colors are like best friends that sit very close to each other on the color wheel. In visual design, this group creates a continuous, visually pleasing flow, often involving a main color and its complementary colors.

Take it with you!

Measuring five centimeters high by five centimeters long, weighing approximately 30 grams or 1 ounce, it is lightweight and with a double butterfly closure, it is also safe to carry with you.

  • Master the art of color with this beautiful enamel pin depicting the entire color wheel. Add a touch of creativity to your style today!

  • Made with high quality materials , made with hard enamel, this pin features vibrant, crisp colors that will stand the test of time.

  • Perfect for artists, designers, art students, or any color lover , this pin is a fun way to show your passion for creativity.

  • You can wear your color wheel pin on your jacket, bag, backpack or anywhere you want to add a pop of color.